Who can join
Bloom in Botanicals?

Any art enthusiast who is gifted with a love for nature, flowers and creativity & 

  • Homemakers looking for a creative hobby to relax, nourish and rediscover those talents that you hid as life happened!
  • Working women who want to unwind, rejuvenate & refresh during the weekends through art & creativity
  • Students who aspire to master a creative skill & build a strong portfolio
  • for anyone under stress and want to find a creative activity as a therapy to release the negative energy. Bloom can help you channelise your energy to heal your mind and soul.
  • anyone who loves nerdy stuff like deeper knowledge about pigment, colour theory, mixing, techniques and tricks in watercolour
  • anyone who seeks joy in celebrating things that are crisp & neat and loves intricate details with a little bit of realism, then this is your haven! I welcome you to the family!

Join Nida & other Bloomers to unlock the secrets to painting florals with confidence!

La Vie en Rose

Mastering Watercolour Roses with Nida

Floral Ensemble Mini Course

Learn to paint elegant floral ensemble in 1 hour!

What is Bloom in Botanicals ?

An exclusively curated watercolour membership for aspiring floral enthusiasts to learn, discover and flourish in botanicals.

  • Monthly watercolour classes 
  • Colour Spotlight + pigment information
  • Color Palette + Mixing exercise
  • Live Q&A calls in a private group 
  • Template, PDFs and other educational resources
  • Behind the scenes of my studio and studio insights 
  • Small exercises to implement the video training
  • Review monthly exercise and gentle critiques from Nida
  • Quarterly Giveaways and Prizes
  • An amazing community to back you any time, to encourage you to grow as an artist
  • Confidence and clarity to paint fearlessly 

Why is Bloom in Botanicals perfect for you ?

It starts with you as you are,  and from there, works naturally to what  you want to be.

 The programme is designed to empower you to discover your unique style and establish your creative practice that is equally satisfying to your mind and soul!

Amazing things you receive in Bloom every month...


Pre-recorded high-quality HD videos to help you advance your skills through step-by-step practical projects. It offers a unique learning experience designed for students of ANY LEVEL


Explore a new colour each month. Learn all about pigments, colour mixing and combinations  



Pick my brain. Each month you explore one colour palette and understand how to impliment it in a painting to create harmonious compositions.


Downloadable Worksheets, Exercises, Guidelines, Sketches, References, Templates, Notes and get back to them whenever you need to refresh your knowledge.

PHOTO Editing and App Skills

Sharpen your photo editing skills, app recommendations and photography tips to enhance your videos and photos.


I take you through a BTS journey into my studio and share my thought process, actions & implementations - coaching you on artpreneurship and successfully building a thriving art career!


Join a vibrant community of artists who share a passion for botanicals, art, and nature!


Tips & tricks to mastering the watercolour medium, gentle pieces of advice and suggestions for making wise choices in your art journey and practice.

Curious about what you'll learn inside Bloom in Botanicals ?
Take a look at the Bloom 2021-'22 SYLLABUS!

Meet your mentor

Nida is a botanical fine artist currently living in India with her husband and 2 kids.

She has shown a particular interest in drawing - a natural fit, as she is highly curious and observant, and also quite sensitive.

Graduating from Mysore University in Architecture, she has worked at leading firms in India and UAE as an architect and has designed spaces for major flagships including London Dairy and Landmark Group. However, Nida’s transition from designing to a full-time artist was gradual but inevitable.

She stays inspired by a mix of creative interests (art, music, travel, and gardening) while constantly enjoying the creative output from others.

Fascinated with the world around her, the attractive colours and colour combinations is usually the starting point of her works. She has always been amazed by the ever-elusive quality of watercolour and this continues to keep her excited every single day!  

In under the 2 years that Nida has started her Social media journey, she has served as the brand ambassador for the Internationally renowned art brand - Art Philosophy and has grown a loyal audience on Instagram with over 9k+ followers. In this short time, she has nurtured over 200+ loyal customers & mentored 300+ students in their art journey

5 Stages of a Blooming Artist!

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